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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Mumbai
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Company Details

Company Description
Intelitaap Soutions provides data driven consumer engagement platform and proximity based marketing solutions that helps retailers reach out to the targeted audience. Intelitaap Solutions is a private limited company and is founded by Sunny Harisinghani and Aniruddha Nanivadekar.

Sunny Harisinghani is Sales and Marketing professional with unparalleled experience in growing the business right from scratch. With more then 9 years of work experience, Sunny has expanded his prowess commercially, into analysing and understanding markets, building brands and develop markets across the country. He has the experience of working alone and leading the team as well, this has helped him in making good relationships with other team members as well as customers. Have worked with various illustrious clients in different sectors like banking, manufacturing, retail & hospitality.

Aniruddha Nanivadekar is Entrepreneurial-spirited, with 5 years of experience in qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. Broad expertise in IT, network, and telecommunications architecture/infrastructure design, full project life cycle management, client/vendor relationship management, and financial/operational management.

Customer focus for Intelitaap Solutions will be Malls, Brands and Large Super Markets. Clients leveraging our solution will be able to target the consumers who are in the vicinity and will be able to send them highly personalized campaigns based on the consumer preferences. For this Intelitaap Solutions uses technologies like BLE Beacons and Wi-Fi as the front end and at the back end it uses data analytics engine to analyse the consumer behaviour and preferences.

Some of the benefits that clients will get using Intelitaap Solution's technology are:

- Target the audience who are in the vicinity.
- Understand the consumer preferences.
- Understand individual campaign performance.
- Get higher ROI on marketing.

After providing the solutions for retail industry, Intelitaap Solutions will look to foray into other verticals as well like Banking, Hospitality, Airports etc. because there is lot of scope for giving proximity solutions in those verticals as well.

Intelitaap Solutions is based out of Mumbai and are currently providing the solution to some of the well known brands in retail.
Products & Services
We are a platform bringing the online shopping experience in a physical retail store to increase consumer engagement, when the consumer is in-store or in the proximity of the store.
We use wifi for the same by DNS booted custom web application onto the consumers phone using firmware as the access point.
The consumer does not need to install anything on the phone. Consumer just needs to do one time registration on the web app from any retailer (which is Intelitaap's partner) then he does not need any form filling, One-Time password to be entered or any other such friction. The only thing consumer needs is Wi-Fi of the mobile device to be switched on.
This enables the retailer to push relevant notifications to the consumer while he is in the store or in the proximity of the store to enhance the shopping experience, while also creating a platform to integrate automatic queuing, Omnichannel buying, Electronic Karts, Payment gateway integration, Augmented reality & Table booking (for malls/restaurants).
For the retailers, we provide Deep Data Analytics which helps retailer to learn there consumer interaction & engage with them on different platforms like SMS, E-Mail and Social Media..
Company Specialities
  • Big Data, IoT, Consumer Engagement
Customer Details
Samsung, Soch, Divine Exotica
Product Value Proposition
There are 2 major challenges that brick and mortar retailers are facing today.
First is footfall to sales conversion ratio, so even though retailers have good footfalls at their stores but very few footfalls out of those are getting converted into sales. Second issue is that even though 90% of shopping still happens physically at brick and mortar stores, still there is hardly any technology to capture the offline consumer behaviour and preferences.

Intelitaap Solutions is focusing on solving these two issues by providing the analysis of the consumer behaviour that happens physically at brick and mortar stores. With the help of these analysis brand can send personalized campaign to the people who are in the vicinity and this in turn will help in improving overall sales.
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Big Data

Team Members

1) Sunny Harisinghani (Co-Founder)
2) Aniruddha Nanivadekar (Co-Founder)

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