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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Description
PeppyWalls is a Online Real Estate portal for Handpicked and Standardized Rental Homes.
Our core idea is from the difficulties faced by ourselves while searching for rental homes. All currently available portals are giving me a huge list of houses in which we need to choose one. We had to waste lot of time in shortlisting and personal visits as most of the houses are not in good quality or condition. Mostly the process will end up with compromised ones eventhough there are so many fresh houses available nearby for the same rent or even lesser. The hard truth is that those houses are also hidden in that 100+ search results, which we generally miss out. That gave us the spark.
We felt that there is a huge gap in end user need Vs current system, as all are showcasing their Quantity of listings. As a first step, we did a small inner circle survey which made us realize that this is not an individual’s problem, each and every tenant goes through this painful process.
So PeppyWalls is here to solve the real problems of rental search, be it tenants, or owners.
Products & Services
Services provided by PeppyWalls

1. Basically Rental Homes Marketplace for Owners and Tenants (Subscription model is not yet done as traction is picking up now)
2. Home standardization to make their home PeppyWalls Branded
3. One day challenge – For Tenants to get a home for them in a day (Paid service), if not fulfilled, complete refund
4 15 days challenge – For Owners to fill their home with verified tenants (Paid service), if not fulfilled, complete refund
Company Specialities
  • e2e Rental Assistance
  • Rental Home Standardization
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
Our concept is “Adorable Rental Homes for all”
All rental properties listed on are pre-verified on various PeppyWalls Standards. Our standards include benchmarks on
- If it is 1st Occupancy Home, it gets more score
- Neatness & Cleanliness of Kitchen (ratings 6/10 and above are approved)
- Neatness & Cleanliness of Bathrooms (ratings 6/10 and above are approved)
- Natural Lighting (using app/tool to measure it)
- Good Ventilation
- No Duplicates (using unique Electricity meter number for each property)
Our quality team ensures the above standards are met, if otherwise relevant Property Owners are briefed on our Standardization packages for them for align to.
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Team Members

1) Ponnusamy A (Cofounder)
2) Kishore (Cofounder)
3) Yokesh (Cofounder)
4) Rajasekar (Cofounder)

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