Profile of Progno Financial Planning Systems (P) Ltd

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Founded In : 2012
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Kochi
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Company Details

Company Description
Progno Financial Planning Systems (P) Ltd incorporated in the year 2012, is a Fintech company operating in the Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Domain which helps common people manage their Finances. The company currently provides Online Financial Planning Services and is a SEBI based investment adviser.
Products & Services is a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY. It will not only obviate the way how financial planning is done hither to but also is expected to bring in a behavioral change in the way people manage their finances. It has a powerful algorithm in the hood, which analyses the personal and financial information of a person and automatically shows him the financial future and tells him how he should rework his financials so that he can achieve his life goals and stay cash flow positive throughout his life. It makes financial planning simple, easily accessible and affordable for the masses..
Company Specialities
  • Fee Only Online Advisor, Unbiased, Agenda less advice, and Compliant to SEBI Regulations
  • Delivering High Value at low price, making it affordable to the masses
  • Globally adaptable Solution with unique algorithm applied
  • Currency Agnostic, Accommodate Chits & Unlisted Securities
Customer Details is addressing the retail market currently. There are 500 plus users and so far analysed investments worth more than Rs.100 crores.
Product Value Proposition
Compared to conventional financial planning, it has more analysis, provides better planning strategies & practical action plan,simple to understand, easy to access and swift tracking, all at a fraction of the cost.
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Team Members

1) G Sanjeev Kumar (Managing Director)
2) Sudhir Venugopal (Executive Director)

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