Profile of Blueleaf Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded In : 2012
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Details

Company Description
Blueleaf is a small software company that started with an HRMS system 4 years ago with the idea of moving into the IOT (internet of things) HR space which is a whitespace today. Our Primary entry into they space will be through a product developed 6 months ago called Oye10 (for which this application is for). Oye10 is a totally unique people tracking system and is totally different in the way it approaches the market and is connecting extremely well with sales partners worldwide.
Products & Services
We have a product called Oye10. It is a people tracking system that is totally unique in that it connect to an HR system unlike most systems in the market. It registers the persons location offline as well, and it has a combination of user friendliness combined with power computing. This makes it a rare offering in that it can be used by a 1 person business to a 100,000 business. It has very rare features like understanding the persons pattern of behaviour from location, and human geo-fencing which is not there in the market worldwide..
Company Specialities
  • Detailed people tracking from their mobile
  • Pattern of Behaviour of employees from location
  • Human geo-fencing
Customer Details
In process, but Partners appointed in New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE and UK. Orders from Saudi Arabia in last stage of approval. Saudi Customer is a 1.5 billion dollar company in business for the last 60 years. Oceania clients are through sub-distributors and are mostly location in Fiji and Australia. India is a test market to test new products.
Product Value Proposition
We are starting to sell through sales partners worldwide. In a very crowded market for technology around the World, Oye10 is generating great interest among Partners in Middle East, Oceania, Singapore, Europe and the US. We also have studies that show that it improves the productivity of an employee from 6-12% of their monthly salary bill. This is a huge saving for companies around the World. Savings go into the millions of dollars for large companies, and even SME's save tens of thousands of dollars for a smaller number of staff if they implement and are committed to the system.
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Angel Funded
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NASSCOM 10,000 startups
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Team Members

1) Joseph Rasquinha (CEO)

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