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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Hyderabad
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Company Details

Company Description
We love technology, and everything to do with technology. In fact, we have come up with a whole line of clothing that integrates technology with practically every facet of your life.

We create clothes that bring out the sparkle in your eyes. Lined with LED and ELD wires, we create light emitting clothing for every occasion and every reason.

Our range of interactive clothing includes a Facebook Like t-shirt, where you can display the number of Likes your Facebook page has (that updates itself in real-time), a t-shirt that displays the number of steps you have walked (encourages people to take up exercising), and a safety jacket that is paired with a sensor and a battery to take in information about daylight and switch itself on the moment it gets dark.

NOTE: THe company has been incorporated on the year 2016. There is no option to choose 2016 as the year so chose 2015 as the year.
Products & Services
Broadcast t-shirt is the world’s first touch-enabled t-shirt, where touching the logo will change the design or slogan on the t-shirt. Touch-enabled clothing can be used like a wearable, where the wearable is tapped to receive information, answer phone calls, and also work as an alarm system.

Broadcast consists of tiny LEDs that connect with the accompanying app to give you complete control over what you wish to say. These sensors are water – proof and have been made keeping your comfort in mind. This means, they don’t pinch or hurt.

With Broadcast, you can change the slogan on your t shirt multiple times, and also share your designs in a community of Broadcast – wearers. In fact, you can download any design you like from the community and use it on your Broadcast!.
Company Specialities
  • Wearables
  • eTextiles
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
The Broadcast t-shirt is a revolutionary digital t-shirt that allows you to customize your slogan and image as often as you like. It’s the first wearable, commercially available, a programmable digital t-shirt designed for you to break the boundaries of your digital creativity.

A company can place an order for Broadcast for its employees, and they can be programmed to display the company’s live Twitter feed. This is a wonderful way of integrating social media and generating awareness.

For businesses, Broadcast offers a unique advertising opportunity. Companies can have people wear the t-shirt with their slogan. The text can move and attract more eyeballs. Companies can have celebrities wear Broadcast with their (companies) slogans, thereby creating a BTL channel of promotion.

Large companies often host conferences that are attended by hundreds of employees. Broadcast comes with an API integration that can help companies ensure that all the t-shirts of their employees display the same content simultaneously. The content can change according to requirement. But, essentially, will be related to the company.
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Team Members

1) Ayyappa Nagubandi (Co-Founder and CEO)
2) Mahalakshmi Nagubandi (Co-Founder and COO)

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