Profile of Lattice Innovations Pvt Ltd

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Founded In : 2014
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Delhi
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Company Details

Company Description
Lattice Innovations is a Medical Technology design and development firm. We are building a range of tele-medicine devices that will bring access to healthcare to the under served population of India. We also offer design as a service to other MedTech startups/Healthcare firms.
Products & Services
FYVE S1 - Networked Multi Parameter ICU Patient Monitoring System.
Company Specialities
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
Critically ill patients, such as those admitted in intensive care or high dependency units, require constant monitoring.
While there are several devices that measure a patient’s vital signs, few of them provide cost-effective, seamless data transmission from the patient bedside to both central nursing workstations, as well as the doctor’s mobile phone.
The FYVE-S1 is a multi-parameter patient monitoring system that addresses this need. It measures and displays a patient’s vitals on an Android tablet paired to the monitor via Bluetooth.
Simultaneously, the monitor transmits this data to the cloud, from where it can be accessed remotely via any device.
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Company Industry
Health care

Team Members

1) Soura Bhattacharyya (CEO)
2) Chayan Chatterjee (COO)
3) Sahil Mehta (CTO)

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