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Founded In : 2013
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 100 and above
Primary Location : Bengaluru
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Company Details

Company Description
Yethi is a niche IT Solution provider operating essentially in area of Core Banking Advisory, Quality Assurance, Reporting and Banking Analytics. We are focusing on serving the banking industry by helping bring greater alignment between the banking, business operations and information technology.We are practitioners who wish to leverage our experiences to support financial institutions globally in overcoming operational and technology challenges.

Founded by seasoned senior professionals, we bring decades of financial technology expertise and global experiences to play. Our solutions are contemporary, future proof and simplify complicated challenges. The founders collectively represent over 100 yrs of experience across financial services, business advisory and technology consulting industries. We have executed 200+ transformation projects within financial institutions across the globe.

Our goal is to become the world’s leading, specialized, IT solutions provider to the global financial services industry. Ever since our inception, we’ve been guided by three principles: customer focus, domain expertise and global reach. These principles have guided our every new initiative. At the heart of our ideology is our customers’ success. The insights we derive from each success story encourages us to innovate and create cutting-edge solutions. Our vision for the future will continue to be influenced by our sharp and exclusive focus on the financial services industry. We continue to invest in the requisite domain expertise and intellectual property, leveraging this business understanding to add value to our customers’ businesses

Our success has been because of the long-term relationship we have been able to establish with our customers through trust and by ensuring our services aligned to the Needs of our clients. This helps us in being treated as a partner in growth of our clients.
Products & Services
Tenjin, Yethi’s flagship product, is an intelligent test automation engine designed for scriptless test execution. Tenjin eliminates the challenges prevalent in traditional test-automation tools by eliminating the need for recordings or scripts; auto-discovering transaction flows and data requirements; having a built-in data validation framework; having the ability to work across applications and ensuring rapid test-execution. CIOs appreciate this as it helps them execute test scenarios as business processes across multiple systems with little or no technical support thereby enabling business users to simulate real-life scenarios.
Tenjin’s NaviFlow Learner Engine changes the paradigm of test-automation by eliminating the need for recording / script writing. Tenjin’s self-learning algorithms allows it to auto-discover the field and data-flow requirements for business applications without any human involvement. It also manages this information by itself, thereby eliminating the need for maintaining large libraries of recordings and scripts or the technical skills required to enable that.
Tenjin moves away from the traditional technically-driven testing to an intuitive and powerful user interface that business users or test analysts can operate. Since Tenjin involves no scripting, it can be leveraged by business analysts and domain experts without the support of test-automation engineers. Its ability to intelligently navigate the application improves data-entry speeds and therefore productivity undoubtedly increases. Tenjin is our first step towards simplifying testing.
Company Specialities
  • Automation Testing
  • BFSI Application Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Perfomance Testing
  • Security Testing
Customer Details
Barclays, State Bank of Mauritius, Volvo Finance,etc
Product Value Proposition
Yethi’s test automation solution address these challenges via 'Tenjin'. Tenjin is an intelligent 5th generation test automation engine designed for script-less test execution. Tenjin allows organizations to automate their enterprise-class applications in a fraction of the time and effort required traditionally.
We have been able to demonstrate the following benefits to our clients where we have deployed Tenjin,
1. Team Size Reduction: Testing projects with Tenjin required 30-50% less staff than those without Tenjin. With a majority of players today using testing projects as a training ground for junior employees, testing projects are characterized by large teams. With the efficiency brought about by Tenjin, team sizes can be streamlined. Our team has achieved higher throughput of execution 5x – 8x improvement from manual efforts
2. Higher Quality of Defects: As with any automation tool, validation can primarily be on hard –transaction values rather than usability of screen or look-and-feel, Tenjin forces the test-designers to validate more aspects related to data / messages.
3. Increased Coverage: While validating highly parameterizable systems, it is desirable to simulate responses for all relevant combinations of parameters. However, this is difficult while executing manual testing for large COTS applications owing to constraints on speed, number of testers and costs. With Tenjin’s speed of execution being 5x-8x higher than human data-entry, Tenjin allows testers to exponentially increase the number of conditions that they test for and ensure high coverage of the configuration in the client.
4. Reduced Maintenance: Maintenance of test-scripts is a constant activity with evolving products. However, with Tenjin’s unique self-learning NaviFlow Learner Engine, this maintenance is completely eliminated. This means that testing of the solution can start within hours / minutes of changes being deployed instead of the current weeks.
5. Resilience to change – Tenjin can adapt to changes in the underlying application and environment without any additional efforts to a much larger degree than previous test-tools provide. This virtually eliminates maintenance of test-automation.
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Team Members

1) R Narasimhan (CEO)
2) Srirang Srikantha (COO)
3) Nagaraj Savanur (CTO)

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