Profile of YUPS Tech Solutions

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Founded In : 2010
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Mumbai
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Company Details

Company Description
YUPS is a technology driven company, having its core in designing and manufacturing IoT products serving enterprises. We aim at connecting assets of enterprises and decision makers to get - a. Immediate access to data from assets, b. Faster time to market, c. Drive operational and business excellence.
Products & Services
ILAN is a complete end to end IoT solution comprising of smart gateway and cloud solution which work together to monitor and control assets remotely and finally generate the required business metrics which help decision makers to take quick actions, save time and avoid panic situations which overall increase their productivity. How it solves the problem?
1. Our solution is a retrofit can be easily integrated with existing setup.
2. It comes in different smartness levels depending on requirement so the user does not have to pay for huge installations & can take baby steps to gain confidence.
3. Since ILAN is an end to end solution in itself user doesn't have to run on different hardware, cloud platform and analytics providers.
4. The secured boot on hardware transmits the data through encrypted protocol tunnel to our trusted cloud platform..
Company Specialities
  • IoT, Research, Design & Development, Electronics, Communication, Software, Analytics
Customer Details
Tata Communications Ltd, Larsen & Toubro [Electrical & Automation], Tikona, Huafeng Power, Rasilant Technologies, Nustart Ventures, Innovative Environmental Technologies
Product Value Proposition
1. IoT in a box - A low risk, quick to launch turnkey solution
2. Go to market faster than others
3. A pre-configured, fully integrated, enterprise-enabled IoT bundle optimized for IoT processing
4. Modular Hardware and Software which makes it a Lego in IoT Segment.
5. Capability of performing edge analytics [processing at the gateway] over real-time data even on images
6. Over the air [OTA] updates
7. Baby steps: Allowing users to take baby steps by installing in small scale but still end to end helps them gain confidence for huge investments.
8. Indigenously made [Made in India]
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Company Industry
Internet of Things (IoT)

Team Members

1) Amit Singh (Director & COO)
2) Krupa Shukla (Director & CEO)
3) Pratik Jani (Director & CINO)
4) Yogesh Borhade (Director & CTO)

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