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Founded In : 2014
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 26 to 100
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Details

Company Description
Build a platform for creating more wealth for every stakeholder who directly or indirectly participates in the upstream and downstream supply chain process.

Usher in the era of data transparency among business networks and solve the problem of companies that struggle to get visibility of their products performance in the market place.

Core Values:

By 2022 AD, be “THE” preferred business transaction engine in INDIA

About us:
NowApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a Bangalore based start-up founded in Jul-2014 by a team of professionals having more than two decades of experience in the Enterprise Business Software space. Started with a vision to transform the downstream supply chain process across the globe by connecting the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, retailer to the end customer.
Products & Services
CHANNELKONNECT, a ready to use software, which helps brands and its channel partners to manage their working capital effectively by ensuring availability of the right stock in the right time at the right place and minimises the risk of lost sales. It connects every point of the supply chain, right from its warehouses, distributors, dealers, retailers to end customers and empowers the brand in building customer loyalty.
It helps brands to run various kinds of rewards and recognition programs for their channel partners and simplifies the process of qualification, verification and delivery of gifts / incentives and ensuring motivation levels are high at all times.
Its Influencerkonnect module gives brands the power to engage with influencers for eg. painters for paint businesses, carpenters for furnishing businesses, plumbers for building materials etc. and run loyalty programs to encourage them in becoming brand advocates.
Its mobile app based Field force module enables the sales team to work smarter, be it marking attendance or booking an order for self or on behalf of the channel, which can be done on the move. Its Performance cards feature helps to monitor one’s own performance and also track the reporting members’ performance in real time..
Company Specialities
  • Enterprise Channel Data Analysis
  • Business Software for SMEs
  • Secondary Sales Analysis
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Last Mile Warranty Management
  • Influencer Management
Customer Details
Aachi Masala Foods Limited, Amco Battries (Amalgamation Group Company), Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited, Campco Limited, Food Service India Pvt. Ltd. (A VKL Group Company), IFB Industries Limited, IKA Pidilite Limited, Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited (Mysore Sandal Soap Company), Kurlon Enterprise Limited, Lucas Indian Service Limited (A TVS Company), Pidilite Industries Limited, Relaxo Footwear Limited, Rolex Logistics Pvt. Ltd., VKC Footwear Limited
Product Value Proposition
“Brands lose visibility of their products the moment they leave their warehouses. The struggle is to know what is actually selling and when so as to produce the right product and avoid non-moving products pile up or stock out situations, both of which can result in loss of sales”. “CHANNELKONNECT is a platform that can help Brands connect with multiple layers of distribution channels and we are sure this will result in mobilising cash which is stuck at various points of the downstream supply chain”
Advantage Channelkonnect:
1) Minimise Lost Sales – Ensure the right stock is in right place at right time. This avoids stock-outs and overstocking.
2) Dynamic Buffer Management – Replenish the right product mix and quantities
3) Proactive Decision Making – Secondary and tertiary Sales & Stock information at a press of a button.
4) Free up Working Capital –Optimise inventory levels the across the supply chain.
5) Seamless Integration – Integrate with any existing software used by the channel partners.
All aspects are geared towards creating more wealth for every stakeholder who directly or indirectly participates in the downstream supply chain process.
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Data Analytics

Team Members

1) Basaveswarlu (Founder & CEO)

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