Profile of Matrubharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Total Views : 1472
Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Ahmedabad
Company Website :
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Company Details

Company Description
Platform for writers and readers to publish and read ebooks and stories in indian languages. An effort to bring indian languages on mobile and reaching to billion people. Democratizing literature publishing with new social way.
Products & Services
Self publishing tool for writers and digital reading library for readers, both access the services at no cost.
Brief Note of Innovation
Matrubharti is using state of art technology for creating regional language ebooks from content uploaded from writers. This is in house technology that produces royalty free ebooks with Digital Rights protection.
The user experience is created based on the machine learning algorithm to suggest the content to the readers on their app.
We have created innovative search engine for content on our app that searches within content and displays the most relevant content searched by the users.
We are now working on the mechanism to convert ebooks to Audio version without manual interface, so that blind and disable can get access to the ebooks on our platform.
Also we are creating a self populating dictionary within the app which would translate/transliterate many language words to make the reading easier for the readers.
There is internal and efficient communication chat function within the app that bridges the gap between readers, writers and publishers. .
Company Specialities
  • technology to create royalty free ebooks, engaging people for reading, writing and communication
Customer Details
3000 Writers ad 100000 readers using our app and website
Product Value Proposition
Creating and distributing the digital indian literature with no cost string. Brings valuable crowd on internet which would serve interesting context for advertisers and publishers.
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Angel Funded
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Company Industry
Consumer Internet

Team Members

1) Mahendra Sharma (CTO)
2) Nilesh Shah (CEO)

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