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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Chennai
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Company Description
NamasteKisan is an E-Commerce portal Exclusively for Agriculture sector, we as a company are trying to reduce and eliminate the chain of middlemen and remove obstacles in agricultural trade in regional, national and international markets. rather than just being an e-commerce portal we will be a marketing partner for our sellers by advising methods which entangle them to monetization and our services enable even an uneducated farmer to be successful on our platform.
We promote sustainable Organic farming, We aimed to bring change in method of production, marketing and supply chain management.
Products & Services
We offer following services for Organic Farmers in Different stages:
1.Pre-Harvest Marketing:
Pre harvest marketing helps farmers to secure orders even before they harvested,which helps farmers to have a predictable cash flow and ensured prices.

Post Harvest Management:

Our post harvest management will enable farmers to value add and brand them to compete with Big companies in the market and an optimized supply chain management.

Supply and Demand Forecasting:
This feature will enable the farmers to produce the products that have demand which increases the revenue to the farmers.
Company Specialities
  • Even an uneducated Farmers get benefit from our portal
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Product Value Proposition
“” is a solution to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers in agricultural sector, replacing several middlemen, it is a user friendly website and its features enable even a un educated farmer to obtain the best benefits by selling his products. Buyers are exposed to a wide variety of agricultural products based on their interest, price range and requirement, We will facilitate easy trading for the users through its hand holding Services.
users through its hand holding Services.
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1) Durgaprasad Bandi (CEO)

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