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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Chennai
Company Website : TBD
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Company Details

Company Description
We offer a smart analytics and process automation platform/engine to Pharma industry and hospitals enabling them to deploy disruptive but highly effective solutions (at a fraction of their current operating costs)to their long-standing challenges in regulatory compliance, patient safety, and eliminating process redundancies/human errors. This engine also automates post processing activities that include data analysis, decision making and generating custom business/regulatory reports periodically with very minimal Human dependency.
Products & Services
Analytics over diverse data streams including APIs, sensors, etc.;
Handle internal and external data sources without difficulty;
Data changes in real-time – and decision makers need to react;
Analytics methods to keep up with changing requirements;
Rules to react to specific conditions arising in the repository;
Complex event processing on top of variety of data sources;
Company Specialities
  • Pharma, Healthcare, Machine Learning, AI, Analytics, Process automation
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
There is no prevalent, pervasive platform for clinical trial processes –
Informatik has the opportunity to be the “first mover” in this market;
 TriggerWare® will reduce the time to market to months, rather than years;
 TriggerWare® license will be exclusive to Informatik within pharma market;
 Patent protections are a barrier to competitors (even with deep pockets);
 World-class technology team with a track record of leading-edge R&D
innovation will be able to maintain the lead in the years to come;
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Self Funded
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Team Members

1) Dharani Munirathinam (Founder/President)
2) Dr. Swamy (CTO)
3) Dr. Hameed Allaudeen (Chief Scientific Officer)

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