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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Delhi NCR
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Company Details

Company Description
Sqrrl is a platform aimed at helping young Indians save their earnings while keeping things simple. With Sqrrl, it's not about putting away large chunks of your salary but small sums just with a couple of clicks!
Everyone hates to see their hard-earned money go into taxes. Along with helping you save, Sqrrl also loves to make tax savings simple and effortless for you. All this with the aim to help young Indians financially prosper!
Products & Services
With everyone pushing you to spend, it’s tough saving. We get it! Sqrrl Away makes every day saving easy and dare we say, kinda fun!.
Company Specialities
  • Savings
  • Financial well being
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
Set up to Sqrrl small sums of money automatically from your bank account. What you keep aside will grow at 7-8%, instead of the regular 4% in a savings account. The best part? The dosh remains there for you to dip into anytime.
Small is Beautiful
Sqrrl Away as little as Rs. 500 a week, and watch it grow over time.
More is Better
Earn 7-8% vs. your usual 4% bank savings rate. This leaves you with more to spend later!
Any Time Money
Anytime and unlimited free withdrawals from your Sqrrl account.
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Part of
Reliance GenNext
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Team Members

1) Samant Sikka (Chief Dreamer & Founder)
2) Dhananjay Singh (Data Jockey & Co-founder)
3) Sanjeev Sharma (Executor Extraordinaire & Co-Founder)

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