Profile of Sequretek IT Solutions

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Founded In : 2013
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 100 and above
Primary Location : Mumbai
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Company Details

Company Description
Sequretek is creating security offerings that simplify and consolidate information security landscape thereby, improving organisations security posture.
Products & Services
Sequretek's Integrated Managed Cyber Security (IMCS) offering enables customers to get a 360 degree view to their overall security posture by linking - their risk framework, regulatory needs, sensor enrichment & telemetry decisions, threat intelligence feeds, automated correlation and analysis of threat data to derive actionable intelligence. This is then leveraged by state of the art incident management capability that ensures that organisation is prepared to deal with any potential security threat. .
Company Specialities
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Integrated End-user Security
Customer Details
Insurance company
International Rating company
Diversified Financial Services company
Leading Brokerage house
Largest Housing Finance company
Largest Domestic Retail chain
Leading e-Commerce company
Global confectionary company
Product Value Proposition
Organization these days deploy myriad of technologies to prevent security attacks and in case of regulated industries to remain compliant. There are over forty different technology components that for part of security ecosystem covering network, datacenter, cloud, application, email, data and endpoints. This heterogeneous approach on one hand provides the best of breed technologies for protecting the organizations but on the other presents a large challenge to define, collect, collate, interpret, and define actionable intelligence that can help organization improve their security posture. Sequretek's IMCS brings together a capability of looking at all these disparate elements in the context of organisational risk, context linked security decision making and incident response. Customer's get the benefit of determining whether their security linked investments are adequate and working to improve their overall risk posture.
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Self Funded
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Team Members

1) Pankit Desai (Co-Founder)
2) Anand Naik (Co-Founder)
3) Pervez Goiporia (CTO)
4) Arun Rathi (CFO)
5) Subhash Dutta (Director Advanced Security Solutions)

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