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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Kolkata
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Company Details

Company Description
Roovx - Smart Lighting Simplified
Roovx founded in 2015 is developing and implementing the next-generation LED lighting solution.
Roovx is combining LEDs, networking, and software into a single system that reduces energy consumption.
Roovx is distinguished by an innovative technology, a management team, distributed networking industries, and results from real-world client deployments.
Roovx Smart Lighting technology with embedded computing power and wireless sensor connectivity is individually intelligent and fully connected to a powerful software back end.
Roovx delivers unprecedented intelligence to all types of commercial, retail, and industrial environments.
Products & Services
Roovx Smart Lighting is built around two core technologies - our unique distributed lighting control modules, and our powerful and flexible centralized management platform. Each individual intelligent LED fixture is controlled by a combination of wireless mesh networking, digital ambient light measurement, power monitoring, energy metering, and, real-time sensor logging. With distributed control technology, the Smart Lighting System the best of both worlds - split second-decision making at each LED lighting fixture and centralized control for configuration, management, and reporting.
The Smart Lighting Management System provides a simple yet powerful web-based user interface allowing facility managers to configure, control, and optimize all aspects of their Intelligent Lighting System.
It features:
FLEXIBLE LIGHTING CONTROL - Facility managers can govern lighting behavior across an entire facility, zone-by-zone, all the way down to an individual fixture.
DETAILED REPORTING - Each intelligent fixture captures a detailed history of energy usage, and ambient light.
OPEN DATA INTERCHANGE - Connect Control-View to any Building or Energy Management System which supports XML or JSON data interchange via its HTTP-based API.
CONTROL-VIEW MONITOR - Control-View Monitor is a remote optimization service that provides ongoing analysis of key lighting system metrics, and actionable recommendations about how to further optimize settings for greater efficiency..
Company Specialities
  • IOT
  • Consumer Electronics
Customer Details
ROOVX Smart Lighting sold about 150 units.
Logistics Smart Lighting - 5
Manufacturing Units Smart Lighting - 10
Data Centres Smart Lighting - 6
Cold Storage Smart Lighting - 15
Sporting Facilities Smart Lighting - 19
Schools / Colleges Smart Lighting - 20
Product Value Proposition
"19% of energy use in the world is used for lighting, and 6% of greenhouse emissions in the world derive from this energy used for lighting. Since the invention of the incandescent bulb, there have been few real innovations in the lighting industry, particularly concerning energy efficiency. " - Roovx Smart Lighting is meeting that challenge and delivering the next-generation of lighting solutions that will redefine customers performance and energy consumption expectations.
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Consumer Electronics

Team Members

1) Ritam Pramanik (Engineering Head)

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