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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Bengaluru
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Company Details

Company Description
With the mission of democratizing technology and improving customer’s digital experience, we have set up Intello labs. We at Intello labs are working towards providing an Artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology platform that will enable even the small business to use consumer’s digital data to improve consumer experience.
One of our major projects is an innovative & unique shopping assistance app. Compared App is one of its kind app which has come up with an innovative price comparison mechanism. This single App scans across 40+ million assortments of 100 thousand plus brands to fetch the right deal.

The app will work as an affiliate marketing channel for mobile commerce transactions. At present there are a handful of affiliate in the $26 Bn mobile commerce space.
The same platform is also be used for providing B2B services to organizations. The platform provides the brands with insights about the price, sellers and discounts offered by the apps/ portals which at the moment is black box for them. It also helps gain consumer insights from data available at ecommerce portals.
Products & Services
We are a company focusing on pricing and consumer behavior insights for online retail. Our technology platform enables comparing products with high variances in shape and color, accurately and in real-time for price information. Consumer behavior insight can be made rapidly and customized to our client requirements in agile way by extracting data from multiple e-commerce sites..
Company Specialities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Consuemr Insights
  • Image matching
Customer Details
15000+ downloads for the app and for B2B insights we work with leading global fashion brand, marketing retailer leader for water purifiers, biggest sporting retailer in India.
Product Value Proposition
Best way to think of Compared is - "Your companion for smart shopping." It is a price comparison app "plug-in" to help users get the best price for their selected products without having to search through multiple shopping portals and apps.

Compared is an intelligent app , that once configured will work in the background. The app icon shows up on the screen when the user is shopping on their preferred app / sites. On clicking the icon, the app will shows same and similar products across different apps and ecommerce portals with their price listing in real time. This helps the user to compare prices across multiple ecommerce apps/ portals and save money. Additionally the App can provide price trends for the selected SKU, helping user in the wait/ purchase decision.
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Consumer Internet

Team Members

1) Devendra Chandani (Co-founder)
2) Milan Sharma (Co-founder)
3) Himani Shah (Co-founder)
4) Nishant Mishra (Co-founder)
5) Prajeet Patel (Senior Advisor)

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