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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Delhi
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Company Description
Our company works in developing an innovative approach to improve the accessibility of patients to the medical care in case of any emergency involving technology as a tool to transform the healthcare sector in India, Quick, Responsive and Reliable friend for life is what we are striving for by introducing SMAS- Smart Medical Alert System
SMAS is a medical device that intends to revolutionize the medical healthcare access by its unique and fashionable design, these market devices come with an array of functions and one of them being directly related to the emergency response system which helps to cope up with medical and accidental emergencies. we aim at providing door to door well planned services to the customers in need -efficiently.
Products & Services
In case of any untoward, either health related or accidental related, the user pushes the “SOS” button on our device, this will by default connect the customer with our central response team, thereby initiating a 2 way communication system and at the same time the state of art design for GPS will give us the exact location and a trigger will be sent to the nearest ambulance with the route directions displayed on the tablet (Supplied by us) which is recorded in real time servers and is taken immediately to the nearest hospitals. And email will be sent to the hospital (tied up) and the medical history of the patient will be shared like blood group, past medical records, drugs patient is currently on, latest reports, x-rays that are available with us. Meanwhile, close relatives of the patient gets informed by our team, thus trying to save lives with the proper and well mannered use of IT services..
Company Specialities
  • Copyrighted process for SMAS- Smart Medical Alert System
  • SOS and 2 way communication from our devices
  • Alert system designed keeping in view the fashion quotient, as smart watches, Bracelets and Pendants,
  • No need of any smart phone or any classic phone line, as our devices are GSM enabled
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Product Value Proposition
Despite all the favorable regulatory mechanism, we find ourselves at a unique moment of broad consensus that the public system, as it is currently constructed, simply isn’t delivering on its promise of excellence for all Old Age – particularly for those in underserved communities. While this has been the case for a while, today there is also an unprecedented level of support for doing things differently and widespread recognition that new approaches and new structures will be essential in fixing the situation. People who require an immediate medical attention are often clueless what to do, whom to contact and which hospital, and sometimes even if a lucky patient reached hospital on time, Doctors are clueless about the patient’s Medical history, they have no idea about the patient’s blood group, recent clinical report or allergy to any drug, the emergency doctors have to re-invent the wheel,
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Self Funded
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Company Industry
Health care

Team Members

1) Peerzada Waseem Hussain Shah (COO and MD)
2) Faisal Nayaab (CEO)
3) Nitin Sharma (CTO)

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