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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Varanasi
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Company Description
Water is more than just water' the existence of whole universe is dependent on it. That's why we call water is life. Now-a -days we all are experiencing the scarcity of water allover and the world has become water stressed. This is where Aquvio comes to the rescue.

Aquvio is a social initiative taken by the young entrepreneurs of IIT (BHU) that imparts a cost efficient reverse osmosis based water filtration solution. It not only aims to deliver mineral rich potable drinking water but also ensures to solve the ever increasing water scarcity problem by providing an extremely high recovery rate of product water from reverse osmosis based systems.
Products & Services
Aquvio have built Cost and Energy saving Reverse Osmosis based water purifier by minimising the waste-water generated.
Company Specialities
  • CII Industrial innovation awards 2016-Top 10 promising Startup.
  • Startup Recognition from Start up India and Stand up India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of India: Application no. DIPP91
  • Top-20 innovative start-ups in Global Cleantech Innovation Programme 2016 for SME
Customer Details
We define Educational Institutes with at least 300 students as the target segment, in Varanasi region for the sale of 100LPH water purifier product.
The drinking water consumption of such institutes is 800-1000 Litres per day.

The current systems will take 3000-4000 litres of water to generate this amount of potable water. Considering the cost associated with ground water extraction, transportation of water to overhead tank, storage, Municipal waste water and energy(power) in this region, the total cost comes out to be INR 0.55/ litre. Aquvio provides solution by reducing the cost to INR 0.26/Litre and the same quantity of water can be generated for 1200-1800 litres of feed water.

The competitive advantage is that Aquvio have reduced the water wastage and energy consumption by 50%. By reducing per litre production cost to half than the current water purifiers can give us significant price advantage. It will be 25-30% less costly for our initial customers. So the strategy to affect the purchase decision of our initial buyers is to market it as a green product for at a significantly lesser price.
Product Value Proposition
The current reverse osmosis based water purifiers when fed 4 litres of water, waste nearly 3 litres of water and produces 1 litre i.e. around 20-30% recovery. The waste water just runs in the drain. This has become a big pain point.
We built this innovative technology which gives around 70% recovery of product water. When fed with 4 litres of water produces nearly 3 litres of product water and rejects nearly 1 litre water. Aquvio have reduced the power consumption and production cost per litre by half. The duty cycle has also been increased to 800 litres per day capacity as opposed to a regular 500 litre per day capacity. This is with a lower power capacity of 84 watts, and a 50 per cent reduction in water wastage. With the mineral concentration in their product, we also meet the required water quality standards.
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1) Naveen Kumar (CEO)

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