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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Chandigarh
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Company Details

Company Description
Xenon Digilabs LLP, Product Development and Solution provider in Cloud Computing , DevOps and BigData Analytics , We Developing a Unified Paltform for B2B for Setup ,Deploy ,Manage and Monitor their application stack
Infrastructure Automation, Continuous Intgeration,Continuous Devlery pipeline for application and BigData WorkLoads
Products & Services
Nexastack -a Unified DevOps Platform for Deploy ,Manage and Monitor your Application in Single Window . Platform Supports Microservices and Serverless Architecture .
Nexastack Supports Different Programming languages ,Databases and Enterprise Integrations
Docker ,Kubernetes and Public and Private Cloud .
Company Specialities
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Engineering
  • Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Monitoring with Log Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
Customer Details
At Present , We have been in working with One Top 500 Fortune Clients & One Top Indian IT Company for Initial Testing of the Solution and demonstration to their Clients
Product Value Proposition
For enterprises & Startups , Our Platform provides Single Window to Setting up the application, deploying ,Monitoring and securing the application stack
Nexastack Offers
1) Continuous Integration
2) Code Management
3) Automated Build & Test
4) Continuous Deployment
5) Monitoring of the Stack
6) Log Analytics with AI and Machine Learning
7) Predictive analytics of Execution of Automated Scripts
8) Securing the Delivery Pipeline
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Team Members

1) Navdeep Singh Gill (Chief Architect )

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