Profile of XenonStack- A Stack innovator

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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : New York
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Company Details

Company Description
XenonStack -A Stack Innovator , Product Development in BigData Integration,Management,Security and Performance
Our Products - ElixirData & for Data Integration and Predictive Analytics
Products & Services
ElixirData - Modern Data Integration Platform for BigData Integration, Management , Security and Performance for enterprises and Startups
Integrate any Source ( API's ,Databases,Sensors, Files and Message Queue )
Any processing Engine ( Batch ,Streaming and Real Time )
Deploy on Microservices using Docker ,Kubernetes ,Public Cloud and Private Cloud .
Company Specialities
  • BigData
  • Data Engineering
  • DataOps
  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Predictive Analytics
Customer Details
Infinilytics - Insurance Analytics
ElixirData Platofrm in Testing with Top MultiNational and Banking Services organization in the World
Product Value Proposition
For Enterprsies & Startups , ElixirData Provides One Unifying Platform for Data Intgeration, Management ,Security and performance of the full Stack application

Target Industry :- Healthcare, Insurance,Financial ,banking,Retail , IoT and Telecom

1. Integrate Any Source ( API's ,Databases, Files, Sensors ,Message Queue)
2. Any Processing Engine ( batch ,streaming and Real Time ) Apache hadoop ,Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache beam)
3. Full visibiliy of the DataFlow
4. Monitoring of the Data Pipeline and Jobs
5. Supports Java,Scala,Go and python Languages
6. Data Error handling across the Data Pipeline
7. Secure ,Encrypted and Enterprsie Authentication Supported
8. Deploy on MicroServices , Amazon RedShift ,Google Big Query and Public Cloud
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Company Industry
Big Data

Team Members

1) Jagreet Kaur (Founder & Data Scientist)

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