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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Thane
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Company Details

Company Description is central Web & App based platform to locate, track & book nearest Ambulances, relay patient and/or casualty information to Hospitals on Real-time basis & technologically minimizing the delay, enacting as Medical Emergencies Response Ecosystem for Optimising “GOLDEN HOUR & Minimising Casualties. This service will be made available as a Bolt-on technology to most of the existing market players covering digital divide. Highly scalable product & Cost effective solution with Monthly Subscription based model (Non-Commissioned) optimizing availability, efficiency and flexibility.

GSPL is in the business of designing and developing software technology as a service for fragmented Emergency Response market using existing infrastructure that can make INDIA in 21st century more Efficient Responder towards Medical Emergencies” with core focus on product, team, revenue & impact of our product on users rather than direct or indirect competition. Products like in amalgamation with industry stake holders (Central & State Governments Medical Departments, 108 Operators, Private Players & Public ) together can help us (India) to tremendously improve our ability to serve our people in Medical Emergencies. Nearly 27% Lives in India can be saved with on-time & efficient MERS.

For creating ecosystem paths are new and untried. Initially this ecosystem may seems like hoping for a miracle. But we humans are distinguished from other species by our ability to work miracles. We call these miracles technology. Technology is miraculous because it allows us to do more with less, exponentially increasing our current fundamental capabilities to a higher level. Innovative companies find value in unexpected places, by thinking from first principles instead of formulas. There is no reason why Location based GPS / GIS technologies can flourish Taxi business only.

Interesting part which makes Medical Emergency Response Sector in India or for the matter of fact under developed and developing countries distinctive and important is that Medical Emergency Response Sector hasn’t changed much. Now there is a possibility of radical change in this decade in two forms horizontal ( 1 to may typewriters ) & Extensive ( Typewriter to word processor )

Currently our target customer industry ( Ambulance Operators, Hospitals & User’s ) trends seems to be on not on perfect competition fundamentals of demand & supply but as a service provider to medical emergency response ecosystem our model is covering quantity & price combination that will maximize benefits to entire value chain. Not trying to challenge or replacing existing incumbents market players but eventually our offerings will create far more business sense to ecosystem viz a viz our charges to drive efficiency & monetizing resources benefiting entire value chain.

Innovating on technology & operations side
Leapfrog technology at-least 6-12 months ahead from the competitors, by building the entire ecosystem for medical emergency response system, which makes it stand out from the competitors.
10 times improvement in location based resource management system which will minimize the emergency response time.
Low-cost advantage Ambulance Operators & Hospitals
Multi customer base ( Ambulance Operators / Hospitals / Governments / Corporate / NGO's) subscription based model
Cross Industry Verticals technology implementation possibilities (Horizontally)
Products & Services is central Web & App based platform to locate, track & book nearest Ambulances, relay patient and/or casualty information to Hospitals on Real-time basis

Ambulance.Run is an Medical Emergency Response Ecosystem for Ambulance Operators & Hospitals which will enable users to book and track nearest possible ambulance with distance & estimated time of arrival & at the same time relay patient info to hospitals.
Ambulance Operator will be able to track Ambulance online on real time basis which will enable him to optimise resources.
Hospitals will be able to make the resources available for the incoming emergencies / patients notified, to Hospital beforehand.
Patient & Hospital Co-ordination can be initiated on-the run
National Ambulance Database
Accidents Tracking
Allocation of Resources during Disaster Management
Ambulances Performance Audit.
Company Specialities
  • Medical Emergency Response Ecosystem
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
Users can Locate nearest Ambulances available on real time basis with Distance & Estimated Time of Arrival to destination
User can Track the Ambulances booked
User & Hospital Co-ordination can be initiated on-the run
Ambulance Operator:
Tracking of ambulances on Real Time Basis
Optimum Resource Management
Scope For Return Trips
Insurance, EMI, Inventory & Vehicle Servicing Reminders

Hospitals Can Track Approaching Ambulance
Hospitals can manage & Allocate resource accordingly
Hospital to Hospital communication can be initiated through desktop App
Anticipatory Admission Requests to Hospitals can be initiated

National Ambulance Database
Accidents Tracking
Data Analysis
Allocation of Resources during Disaster Management
Ambulances Performance Audit

Doctors on Board:
Shows availability of doctors
Doctor can track the ambulance/patient

Disaster Management:
Avail supply of efficient resources on time
Proper management and coordination can be made possible
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Health care

Team Members

1) Jeetu Ramchandani (Co-Founder)

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