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Founded In : 2013
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : New Delhi
Company Website : Capital Quant Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Company Description
Capital Quant Solutions is an IP led BFSI focused technology company which uses machine learning and NLP technology to extract relevant information from financial documents and then generates insights for market participants, credit risk, treasury and trade functions.
We believe that there is a wealth of information stored in equity research reports, earning call transcripts, annual reports of companies, financial news etc. The equity research teams for instance have a limited bandwidth to consume all this information. For equity market participants we solve the problem of stock coverage.
For credit risk teams of banks we solve the problem of extraction of balance sheet from the annual reports of their SME clients. Currently this process is manual in most global banks even. We believe that this is a separate line of business by itself.
Products & Services
FinStinct uses machine learning and NLP technology to extract and analyse meaningful information available in financial documents such as annual reports of companies, equity research reports, earning call transcripts, news etc. Currently the credit risk, trade finance, treasury and capital markets functions take a lot of decisions based on the information that is provided in such documents. Insights are also generated manually and this creates a bandwidth problem.
FinStinct automates this process by providing models specific to the financial services domain which use machine learning and NLP technologies.
This not only enhances the productivity of the financial institutions but also reduces cost as currently the manual process is expensive.
For eg the stock coverage problem of equity market participants is solved by the Research Hub and News Hub modules of FinStinct. Which extract and analyze research reports and news.
For credit risk teams FinStinct extracts the balance sheet of banks SME clients from their annual reports which comes in a PDF. The extraction is done manually and then stored it in their system. This manual process is not just time consuming but is also error prone.
FinStinct automates not just the extraction but also storage and analysis.
Company Specialities
  • Exertise in Machine learning and NLP
  • Expertise in Capital Markets business domain
Customer Details
Phillip Capital, Barclays is engaged with us for their RISE program, Almondz global securities
Product Value Proposition
1. For equity market participants FinStinct solves the stock coverage problem by extracting the price moving triggers from News and equity research reports.
2. For Credit risk users FinStinct extracts the balance sheets of their SME clients from the annual reports and makes the balance sheet available for analysis and retrieval.
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1) Pravin Lal (Founder and CEO)

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