Profile of IntelloSol Softwares India Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded In : 2012
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 100 and above
Primary Location : Noida
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Company Details

Company Description
IntelloSol Softwares India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd.
ThreadSol was established in 2012 to Challenge the Present of garment manufacturing industries with its innovative solutions. In the short span of operations, ThreadSol has offices in Noida, Bangalore, Jakarta, Colombo, Istanbul, Ho Chi Minh City and Dhaka.
90+ customers plan 2.5 million garments through our solutions, every day.
ThreadSol solutions are currently used by manufacturers across 13 countries, have already set standards amongst Sewn Products’ automation solutions worldwide.
With over 90 success stories around the world, Threadsol helps in lowering manufacturing cost and providing incredible benefits to the customers.
The dynamic technologies being introduced each day is a sign of constant development. ThreadSol Pvt. Ltd.- the pioneer in enterprise material management for the sewn products industry. ThreadSol’s outlook is to introduce technologically driven products to drive manufacturing by targeting material cost and differentiate from the extremely competitive environment.
Products & Services
IntelloCut: is a material planning and optimization solution for the sewn products industry. The flagship solution of ThreadSol has been successfully deployed in 90+ factories worldwide, who plan 2.5 million pieces every day.

IntelloBuy: is a material estimation solution for the sewn products industry. It gives accurate buying consumption for a particular style which saves millions of dollars of material cost at the buying stage, every day, for manufacturers worldwide.

IntelloTrace: is the world’s first NFC based production management solution for the sewn product industry. This is the first tracking tool to offer the technology used by Google and Apple to the manufacturing floor.
Company Specialities
  • Pioneer in enterprise material management
  • Enables garment manufacturers boost their topline by reducing material usage hence production cost
Customer Details
Bang Overseas, Paragon, Blackberry's, Orit, Madura, Hirdaramani, Raymond, Modesty, Indian Designs, MAS, Dekko Bottoms, Crystal Martin, Aman Graphics, Ammayappar, Jinadasa, Omegaline, Pacific Garments, Maliban, Thong Thai, Cottonweb, Brandix, Ameya, Urmi, Epic, PT Pan Brothers TBK, NST-Global, Hangzhou HS Fashion Corporation, Fakir, KAPL, SRG Apparel, Saitex, Saiham
Product Value Proposition
ThreadSol, with its innovative solutions- intelloBuy, intelloCut, and intelloTrace, demonstrates an entire range of enterprise material management solutions, which can help apparel manufacturers lower their manufacturing cost and boost profits, in an industry that is heavily dependent upon economic priorities.
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Team Members

1) Manasij Ganguli (Co-Founder & CEO)
2) Mausmi Ambastha (Co-Founder & COO)
3) Bratish Goswami (Co-Founder & VP Engineering)
4) Abhishek Srivastava (Co-Founder & VP Engineering)

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