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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Chennai
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Company Details

Company Description
Arimugham is world's first technological start-up that combines IT with the Media, Art & Entertainment Industry. This enterprise unites entertainers, businesses, institutes and other stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

At large, Arimugham aims to create a value building environment where each individual can have free flow communication and mutually exchange needs, benefits, information, ideas, projects etc.

Arimugham offers two platforms developed with state of the art technology

Arimugham's vision is to Unite the World of Entertainers across the verticals of Film, Music, TV, Radio & Print.

There are three milestones towards achieving this

COMMUNICATION - Connect all the
stakeholders in the industry on a unified platform

share with UPI and BITCOINS

STANDARDIZATION - Standardize available information to streamline the process of information sharing In the Indian market.

Arimugham's mission is to technologically transform the Media and Entertainment industry and align it to the DIGITAL INDIA movement.
Products & Services
Arimugham offers two platforms developed with state of the art technology


The Community portal is a professional networking platform that gives each member an identity through a verified profile. Users can seamlessly connect with anyone across the sectors of Film, Music, TV, Radio, Print and

The platform’s features (Forum, Marketplace, Events etc.) are developed for virtual activities like:
Seeking Funds & Opportunities,Talent Scouting, Renting & Selling of Equipment, Finding Shoot Spots, Gigs etc

In a nutshell, with the use of advanced analytics, artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques, this portal:

- Assists members to network professionally
- Provides the latest newsfeed and technological advancements in the industry
- Offers end-to-end requirements towards building a career/brand in the Industry

The B2B portal typically suits business transactions amongst established personalities and entities. Corporate, Independent Artists and Media Companies benefit the most in this platform.

Most businesses in this industry are facilitated by middle men who define the pricing in the market or consume a sizable markup. By subscribing in Arimugham's B2B Portal users will be able to directly connect with their clients through radical digital features like content trading, direct ad booking, end to end event planning etc. This will eventually help businesses increase revenues & decrease TAT & costs to a remarkable extent. All transactions are enabled through UPI and analytics are used to generate financial reports. This will ensure a transparent and organized system within the sectors of Film, Music, TV, Radio, Print & Events.
Company Specialities
  • Technology IP & Expert Industry Guidance.
Customer Details
- Small & Big players in the Media & Entertainment Industry
- All Aspiring Entrants in the Industry
- Media & Entertainment Industry Followers
- All Types of Business Stakeholders
Product Value Proposition
State of Art Technology for the Media & Entertainment System to connect all stakeholders in a digital eco-system
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Team Members

1) Magdalene Lycia (Founder & CEO)
2) Prashanth R (Chief Operations & Innovations Officer)

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