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Founded In : 2013
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Description
ConverBiz is engaged in developing the industry enabler products using open source technologies and cloud enablement. Our products include Project Monitoring, Learning & Engagement, Campaign management for B2B & B2C business enablement, Outreach for program implementation in developing Networked Societies. Besides, we have a highly reusable large application component factory having close to 120 application components, using which, we can custom build the industry specific solutions to support their cloud and digitization strategy.
Products & Services
Outreach Product - This application is a powerful tool for creating the complete echo system for networked societies. This application is aimed at enabling the outreach of Providers to their Beneficiaries. The examples are Farming Sector, Primary Health Care, Insurance, Banking and Social Sectors, wherein Providers have to reach out to their beneficiaries and vise-e-versa. .
Company Specialities
  • Converbiz developed a creative solutions Blocks (Software Solution Factory). Because of the modularity of our blocks we can demonstrate solutions to our customers based on their single line problem statement. We do not offer anything more than needed
Customer Details
solution deployed with one of the largest International Philanthropist Trust, working in India for Care and Education program in urban & rural India. This solution enables the Community Health Workers associated with NGOs, Civil Societies and Primary Health Centers to reach out Individuals and communities, who need the Social and Health Care support, with an objective to create a paradigm shift of Health Delivery System in India.
Product Value Proposition
Our Health Outreach Solution solves some of the key issues
1. How can technology support health and wellbeing of people in order to help them function and participate in society, outside of organized care? The point is to focus on health rather than healthcare. By focusing on prevention, health and wellbeing you will reduce the need for professional healthcare.
2. How can technology enable care to be delivered closer to home? In many cases it is more cost effective and better for patients to deliver care outside of care institutions. Chronic care should not be managed in hospitals. Rehabilitation should take place closer to home or even at home.
3. How can technology enable more efficient and personalized care? Technology enables us to do more with less. Technology can allow early and individualized diagnosis and prognosis, less invasive treatment and change work processes all together.
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Team Members

1) Rakesh (Ranjan)
2) SBL (Sharma)
3) Sridhar (Pai)

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