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Founded In : 2012
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Hyderabad
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Company Description
S.L.S Cell Cure Technologies is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies act,1956, Govt. of India, by a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals.The company has established a state of the art molecular diagnostics lab and offers In-vitro Molecular Diagnostic testing, predictive diagnostics for life style based and other diseases. The predictive diagnostics is focused on preserving wellness and also at diagnosing illness. The molecular testing would be based on modern methods like PCR, RT-PCR, Microarray etc. These techniques would also be employed to detect food borne pathogens, In order to address the limitations in the field of medicine, for treating debilitating diseases like Cancers, Neurological disorders, Spinal cord injuries, etc S.L.S is planning to establish and offer Stem cell therapies. It is a rare combination of two rapidly evolving Biotech Disciplines of In-vitro Molecular Diagnostics and Stem cell & Tissue based technologies. Both these fields have been making rapid strides in terms of technology development and have a special relevance in today’s world besieged with life style diseases. The technologies are aimed at providing cutting edge tools to address the limitations in the standard medical practice. SLS-Cell Cure Technologies will use its skills to make affordable biotechnology based healthcare solutions through rapid analysis of diseases with modern state of the art technologies.
Products & Services
Low Cost Species Specific POC Multiplex Panel for Dengue:
In India's success story of economic growth,there is an unmet R&D need for delivering affordable health care to nearly 70% of Indian public. India has a huge burden of patients with tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, viral infections as the Japanese encephalitis, dengue. Ref: Planning Commission Working Group, Report – 12 Plan, Govt. of India.Dengue,the mosquito borne disease inflicts on the country an economic burden of at least US$1.11 billion each year ($0.88/capita) in medical and other expenses, much of it in the private sector paid mostly by households.The most common methods for laboratory diagnosis of DENV include serological methods detecting antibodies (IgM and IgG) against DENV. Our LAMP panel can evaluate, Four species of Dengue virus, simultaneously.

Company Specialities
  • Molecular Diagnostics, Predictive Diagnostics, Pharmaco genetics, Pharmacogenomics.
  • Cell Therapies, Stem Cell Research.
Customer Details
Private Hospitals and clinics in rural areas of Telangana and A.P
Product Value Proposition
Limitations of Current Diagnostic Methods for Dengue: Serological methods are vulnerable to cross reactions caused by antibodies against related flaviviruses and are therefore not DENV-specific tests like DENV NS1 anti- gen and RNA detection methods.Requires sophisticated lab with ELISA Readers, Washers etc.Requires highly qualified and skilled manpower.Compared to this,Our LAMP panel can evaluate Three species of Malaria parasites & Four species of Dengue virus, simultaneously. The idea is to have single panel to accurately diagnose specific species which is causing the infection, so that the clinician can start the Treatment at the earliest which is very personal and specific to the patient. Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a powerful innovative gene amplification technique emerging as a simple rapid diagnostic tool for early detection and identification of microbial diseases. The whole procedure is very simple and rapid wherein the amplification can be completed in less than 1 hour under isothermal conditions employing a set of six specially designed primers spanning eight distinct sequences of a target gene, by incubating all the reagents in single tube.

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Team Members

1) Dr.Shivraj Dasari (Managing Director & Founder)

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