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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Gandhinagar
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Content Marketing in India is a trend catching on rapidly in the country with businesses weighing up the advantages content marketing offers over traditional forms of marketing, which are interruptive and out of place for the modern social media driven consumer.

While many of the big players haven’t actively invested in content marketing, SME’s and startups are actively investing in content marketing, looking to enhance brand reputation, build trust in their consumers and educate them. An Example of this would be Myntra’s fashion blog which accompanies its app, offering fashion and grooming advice to its app users. They also increase the amount of time the consumer engages with the app, boosting chances of making a sale.

Businesses today, however, rely on either contacting freelance writers through social media or crowdsourcing sites like or, websites without the framework or specialized know-how of handling content or contacting them through social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. These processes though involve a tedious sequence of actions; recruiting, assessing, negotiating and de-briefing.

Businesses also hire in-house content writers for all their content needs and this certainly is the most reliable option but lacks in scalability, which often ends up in the content writer outsourcing tasks to other freelance professionals, leading to the same tedious sequence.

To tackle this redundancy in content creation, we have developed a content marketplace, which offers businesses content solutions at flat rates. All they have to do is enter their requirements through an intuitive content creation form. The job gets chosen by an eligible content writer, who has 36 hours to complete the task and submit it back to White Panda. Once we receive it, an editor proof-reads and forwards it to the client if no major changes are to be made. The Entire process is guaranteed to be completed within 5 business days.

White Panda provides comprehensive content solutions to enterprises. These solutions include: -

* Easy one-time content creation with the help of an intuitive content creation process. The task of ensuring the eligibility of the writer is taken up by the platform, leaving only the task of content ideation to the client.
* Bulk Content Creation with the help of account managers, who will communicate the clients’ needs with the platform.
* Content Publishing, Analytics and Performance tracking with the help of APIs
* Provide useful resources for writers on their help desk like plagiarism checkers, valuable created and curated content as well as tools to create their personal writer profile, with client and editor ratings.
* Establish a community of writers in India and in the process, gain trust build a reputation among the members of the writing community.
Products & Services
In order to streamline the process of ordering content for the clients and eliminate the need for negotiating and bidding for the writers, content has a flat pricing; clients get increasing benefits, primarily access to higher quality writers, better proof-reading and re-writing and increased content support with the help of account managers and post-publishing analytics. Bulk content orders will be processed by account managers, streamlining the process for the client even further.

The Clients can create accounts on White Panda for free and can start ordering the following forms of content –

*Blog Posts (content pieces optimized for being posted on blogs and shared on Social Media),
*Articles (long content pieces meant to educate leads and provide in-depth information),
*Product Descriptions (content pieces describing one or more products, designed to drive sales),
*Website Content (content for websites),
*Press releases (formal content for news personnel), and
*Social media posts (Tweets/Facebook posts for company pages/personal branding)
*White Paper/E-Book (Content demonstrating thought leadership and industry expertise).
Company Specialities
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Distribution
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Community of more than 4000 writers and more than 100 clients including Brands, Startups and Agencies
Product Value Proposition
Using White Panda's back-end, Businesses can easily scale up on their content creation and marketing efforts. Our platform incorporates extremely fine algorithms that understands Business requirements and identifies precise group of writers for each project. White Panda's hybrid model thus, provides:

*Large and diverse pool of freelance writers at your fingertips
*No bidding. No Negotiation.
*Revision Period
*Each piece of content is edited and proofread
*Robust enough to handle bulk orders
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1) Roshan Agarwal (CEO)

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