Profile of IOT Pot India Private Limited

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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Details

Company Description
We are a smart kitchen platform startup founded by a capable team - a serial IOT Entrepreneur (with successful exit), a Marketing and retail veteran (Ex-Staples head India), a passionate cook. The team is backed by a start studded advisory team in complementary fashion. We have a highly capable development team with great IOT experience to roll out successful products. We have named our solution as Klove brand, which stands for Kitchen Love.
Our solutions are based on IOT+AI and Machine learning to provide Deep personalization which is vital to give the best cooking experience.
Our solutions are based on Voice Assisted solutions such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home or Apps which provide great NLP based interactions with the solutions.
Products & Services
Our fist baby step in this journey is Klove Knob. Klove Knob is a stove knob that can be retrofitted on any stove or cooktop. Klove Knob cognitively sets the timer based on what's cooking with its voice interactive user experience (no need to touch/tap the App). Simple to install and calibrate. The Voice interactive experience is designed to make sure the cooking behaviour doesn't change or there is no big learning curve to use the solution in the kitchen. With its deep learning technology, it can learn user's cooking patterns/schedules and also participates in both daily simple cooking as well as to follow a complicated dish cooking as well, where it sets the time cognitively and alerts when the timer expires. Klove Knob is also location aware, so has smart geo-fencing. If the user leaves home while cooking, it alerts and thus prevents a possible fire accident..
Company Specialities
  • Founders have track record of running successful IOT startup and the previous startup Connovate Technology was acquired by Binatone and our products are now rebranded and sold as Motorola brand products globally.
Customer Details
Though this is a B2C product, our long-term objective is to become a B2B2C when we complete the Internat of Kitchen Things platform. We already have good traction. A Celebrity Chef run cooking appliance company in India has signed NDA and we are soon partnering with them for the product.
Soon we are launching on Kickstarter for bigger Beta validation of the product and getting discovered by B2B clients in the USA
We have signed-up with a retail accelerator in the US for US retail market post-crowdfunding.
Product Value Proposition
World's first Voice-activated stove knob.
It can be retrofitted to any existing stove, be it a gas stove or electric stove/cooking range.
The time setting is cognitive, no need to refer recipe to set time. Thus takes out hassles out of cooking.
Participates in complicated dish cooking as well and sets the timer automatically and thus allowing the user to simply follow the recipe and not worry about setting the cooking timer.
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Company Industry
Internet of Things (IoT)

Team Members

1) Bahubali Shete (CEO)
2) Asha Shete (Exec Chef)
3) Krishna Vedavyasa (CMO)

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