Profile of The Indian Handwritten Letter Co.

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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Description
We are India's largest letter writing service which pens handwritten letters for people on their behalf. How it works - People send us a letter request | Based on the details we write it and ship it out | If a person is unable to frame the content, we work on the same for them, get an approved draft and then write it and ship it out. Research says on an average a working person in India is exposed to 750+ different messages. Thus recall is really low and there is no specific trigger. On the other side, we help marketers have more value from their existing CAC. We believe in crafting high-quality, personal letters and business notes to customers on the behalf of our clientele. Thus making messaging personal and creating a lasting impression on the receiver.

Traction till date - 4200+ letters shipped out | 500+ customers | 8 corporates on board | 4 letter writers | Writing in 9 Indian languages

Scope (Just a few cases) -
API integrations with CRM's of larger businesses for automatically triggering letters to dissatisfied consumers, thanking team-mates or business development
Personalized marriage invites
Political propaganda to reach out to their existing voters or new ones

Products & Services
While the written word is struck off but in this digital forest we long for it. For our B2C customers, it's easy to dash off to order flowers and cakes online but they stick to a handwritten note as its timeless and can be cherished over and again. For B2B businesses, we are every company's dream to give the wow feeling to partners or customers.

The companies that have used us, have seen an impact of 74% open rate of letters and 29% call to action. Business development teams have had an 82% hit rate to reach out to potential clients.

Disruption - We are above the clutter and people make time to read the message that we send out. Thus increasing mind space for the company or the customer using us.

Company Specialities
  • Content Drafting | Handwritten Letters | Love Letters | Cover Letters
Customer Details
Corporates like Shopclues, Swiggy, Freshdesk, Lucep, Power2SME, WalkInto.IO, Zest Money have trusted us.
Product Value Proposition
While anyone can write letters, we are also helping people draft the content in 9 Indian regional languages. Thus giving people a one stop solution for sending across a written message which makes an impact.

In the next pivot, we are introducing new cash flows like custom stationary, handwriting workshops and flowers along with letters.
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1) Anubhav Ankit (CEO)

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