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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Gurgaon
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Company Details

Company Description is the most complete Bot suit for enterprises. Chatbots are automated bots that runs over messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, web chat etc and help enterprises automate customer support, sell products, generate leads and many more over chat.
We provide plug and play solution for companies to build powerful chatbots that can solve business use cases. Businesses can build and evolve the bots, manage their customers, send notifications, see analytics etc. on the platform. Plug and play templates are available for Customer Support, E-commerce, Marketing Campaigns, Lead generation, Bot Newsletters etc.
Bots can be deployed over messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, SMS, website livechat Skype etc.
Products & Services
We offer a platform to build intelligent cahtbots. We have various modules that together gives brand a holistic solution.
- A hybrid model (human + AI) ensures that customers have a pleasant experience even when the bot is unable to understand a statement. The bot then can be trained to serve similar future requests.
- Announce module is used to send rich, intractable messages such as news, offers, match scores to targeted users. This can be manual as well as automated.
- Analytics module provides deep insights on how users are interacting with the bot
- Channel integrations like Facebook messenger, twitter, iOS, Android, webchat leaves no interaction point untouched.
- Integrations like Shopify, Zendesk provides one click, seamless and hassle-free expansion across messaging platforms
- Offline/Online training ensures that bot is evolving continuously
- Advanced NLP and Machine Learning helps bot understand complex statements
- Domain intelligence makes bootstrapped bots answer questions that brands don't have to train for..
Company Specialities
  • chatbots
  • customer support
  • lead generation
Customer Details
Manchester City Football Club, Shuttl, Nederlands Care, GMASA, Myshopup, Pretr
Product Value Proposition
Messaging is the most natural way of communication. With over 3 Billion people on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS it becomes natural for brands to have a presence there. The value addition of chatbots for enterprises is immense and multi-dimensional.
- Customer Support: Nobody likes to wait to get served. Using automated customer service, brands can serve their customers better and also save money. offers chatbot that responds to your customers instantly, works 24x7 & learns every day.
- ECommerce: Using conversation as a medium, brands can increase their revenue. Brands need not worry about making users download their app. The users don't have to worry about learning a new interface.
- Sports/News: Send score updates, news, transfer rumours, behind the scene gossips to your fans to keep them connected. Hold polls over chat to gain insights on what they want.
- Events: Assist your attendees right from selling tickets, to giving them directions, sending them schedule and getting feedback.
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Self Funded
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Team Members

1) Pratik Jain (Co-founder)
2) Abhishek Gupta (Co-founder)
3) Niyati Agarwal (Co-founder)
4) Vipul Garg (Co-founder)

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