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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 26 to 100
Primary Location : New Delhi
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Company Details

Company Description
SecureNow began operations in 2011 and distributes commercial insurances (employee benefit, property, marine and liability) to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There are over 20 million such SMEs, mostly uninsured.

SMEs that want to buy insurance struggle because they are too small to matter to insurers. It takes weeks for SMEs to get quotes, these are outrageously priced and with policy conditions unexplained. Post-sale service delivery and claim support is horrible.

This is the market we address. Our distinctiveness comes from the high quality technology we use to reach SMEs cost-effectively.

Our knowledge of risk allows us to effectively structure insurances for small groups. For example, we can immediately issue group medical insurance to groups of 20 or fewer people by ensuring a small initial waiting period of non-accident based claims. Similarly we routinely issue key-person term cover to loss-making start-ups by restricting the sum assured to the external investment raised.
We provide all regular value-added services like medical camps for group health insurance clients, thermography assessment for fire insurance clients, legal support to liability claimants. However, our distinctiveness comes from the way we use technology to simplify insurance processes.
Products & Services
We deliver insurance benefits through a mobile app called Notify, available on Google Play and the App Store, and an in-house portal called PAM. For example, mediclaim cards are distributed electronically. Policy changes are made using the app. The PAM portal stores all insurance documents in one place and helps clients keep track of claims and renewals. The standard industry process is to give physical cards, which are never found when you need them most, three to four weeks after the insurance start date. The app also allows claimants to reach us at any time.

We have rolled out several innovative benefits to clients. For example, we provide a location-based attendance management system to our clients at no cost. This replaces the current biometric devices used to mark attendance and leave. The feature is part of our Notify app and encourages employees to use the app every day. Clients benefit because the system is far more efficient and fool-proof than current processes. We benefit because our renewal rate with clients using Notify is over 95%.

Deploying such technology tools ensures that SMEs renew business with SecureNow year. This creates enormous value for us.
Company Specialities
  • We use technology to significantly improve insurance buying and servicing. A combination of intelligent digital marketing and deep affinity partnerships (for example with freight forwarders) helps us gain access to SMEs. Our proprietary calculators p
Customer Details
Our clientele mainly includes SME’s in India. We now have over 2000 clients and acquire 8 new SMEs every day.
Through the SMEs we have insured contract labour, factory workers, ascetics, office staff and families. We have several clients in services, hospitality, power, manufacturing, financial services, e-commerce and exports.
Product Value Proposition
Notify Shows a high level of innovation in addressing a real and significant need in the industry at large. Employees and companies have several needs. Specifically, they need all their insurances in one place, immediate access to policy documents and contracts, and renewal reminders.
Notify represents a breakthrough in the industry’s use of technology in business, in boosting the image of the industry, or greater engagement and awareness among the public at large.
1. People who buy individual insurances, through SecureNow, find all their policy documents and insurance information uploaded in a simple insurance card on the app. This requires no action by the customer and is seamless
2. Customers can upload insurances on their own as well by taking a picture or uploading a file
3. Original insurance documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere
4. Renewal payment reminders are sent 21 and 7 days before renewal. Reminders are sent over email, phone notifications and calendar entries. It’s now difficult for customers to forget to make a payment (although some still do!)
5. Customers can store important documents and medical records, and set reminders.
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Team Members

1) Kapil Mehta (Co-Founder)
2) Abhishek Bondia (Managing Director)

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