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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 26 to 100
Primary Location : Bangalore
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Company Details

Company Description
Locus is a state of the art ​logistics automation platform which optimizes operations to provide Consistency, Efficiency & Transparency.

Locus, founded by IIT & BITS alumnus, aims at delivering transformational value in logistics to organizations via its platform, with proprietary algorithms solving complex problems such as load balancing, route optimization and container utilization. Offering the entire technology stack, in the form of a platform as a service.

Locus has managed to assemble a stellar team, comprising of Engineering led by ex-AWS platform engineers, PhDs from CMU, TIFR, & CMI, sales which is led by our Seed round investor, and our key account manager who was Obama's account manager for Google.

We are very proud to be mentored by individuals such as Mr. V Balakrishnan (Ex-CFO Infosys), Mr. Rajesh Ranawat (MD, Li & Fung Shipping) & Mr. Amit Ranjan (Founder, Slideshare).

Locus has been used by clients for various business use-cases to achieve delivery cost reduction, fleet capacity planning, real-time rider tracking and status updates, business decision making like warehouse location and vehicle fleet sizing, sales beat optimizations and optimal routes for movement of goods from warehouse to retailers, amongst others.
Products & Services
We provide a suite that comprises of propriety route deviation engine, order dispatch automation, field user app, route optimizations, scheduling, tracking for end-customer, and predictive analytics. The common Platform serves everything from instant dispatch to next day deliveries.

Some of the key features of our platform are:
> The automagic route planning engine reduces the manual steps involved resulting in consistency, transparency & efficiency of operations.
> The engine provides routes while respecting time and volume constraints, taking into account several variables, including real-time traffic conditions.
> We further generate efficient packing configurations for loading cargo into containers which ensure vehicle optimisation, we also honour stipulations like stacking and orientation constraints and packing arrangements like Last In First Out.
> Simulation engine allows you to play out various business strategies, without expensive on ground operations.
> Field App is engineered to survive & thrive in patchy, low-bandwidth connections across India
> Better end-customer experience due to high-adherence to SLAs & last-mile tracking for customers via disposable tracking links.
> The allocation engine, tracks the edit made by warehouse managers, post plan generation, and has self-learning loop to create better plans next week..
Company Specialities
  • Logistics Automation
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology
Customer Details
Our client base includes Urban Ladder (India's largest online furniture retailer), Quikr (India’s leading Online classifieds portal), Lenskart (India's largest online eyewear retailer), 1mg (India’s largest platform for Healthcare services) and many more
Product Value Proposition
Built to fit any business model, Locus provides a single platform which optimizes logistics operations to provide consistency, efficiency and transparency. Our main USP is that our solution works on ground and factors in real world conditions. It supports 100s of exception scenarios & constraints to provide the best possible solution.
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Team Members

1) Nishith Rastogi (Founder & CEO)
2) Geet Garg (Founder and CTO)

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