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Founded In : 2016
Company Type : Partnership
Company Size : 11 to 25
Primary Location : Hyderabad
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Company Description
The idea behind SmileMiddle is to create an online marketplace for all types of art.
Products & Services
SmileMiddle is an online portal for gifting handmade portraits. It enables customers to gift personalized handmade portrait sketches and paintings of their loved ones to them; created by hobbyist artists.
The beauty of the idea lies in its simplicity. "Give us an image of your loved one and our artists will make an amazing handmade sketch of it, and deliver it to the specified destination". We bring this perfect gift to the customers while simultaneously helping budding artists earn money and fame for their work.
The website is live at and lets you choose from 6 different art mediums.
Company Specialities
  • Portrait Gifting
Customer Details
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Product Value Proposition
1. Avid gift givers, Art lovers and Designers:
A. Be it individuals or organizations that frequently experience the dilemma of choosing a great gift.
B. People who often decorate their walls with beautiful paintings.
C. Those who seek good image galleries can have custom portraits as opposed to stock photos.
2. Amateur, Intermediate and Professional Artists:
A. Professionals can make quick cash by doing relatively small portraits on the go.
B. Intermediates will find this a platform to hone their skills and monetize their hobby.
C. Beginners will look up to working for such businesses as goals, eliminating the uncertainty of a career in art.
3. Society’s Cultural Quotient:
India as a whole is awakening to the realization that Art and Culture are possible sources of bread too. SmileMiddle is a potential pioneer in a wide range of similar businesses about to come in this booming industry.
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Team Members

1) Harshit Soni (Founder)

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