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Founded In : 2015
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 1 to 10
Primary Location : Mumbai
Company Website : Indrones Solution Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Description
Indrones marks its inception from the year 2013 with a participation of its founding members in SAE Aero Design 2013 Competition held in Dallas, Fort Worth. It was UAV design competition organised by SAE International and Lockheed Martin and sponsored by Dassault Systems, to drop a Humanitarian Aid package on a prescribed location. Having achieved a great success in the competition, they started the journey professionally in the UAV Industry. They were quite early to explore the potentials of UAVs in the civilian sectors in India and worked on several big and small projects while working with some well-known Government Departments. With all the experience to back, they officially started Indrones in June 2015 and since then we have been developing technologies to implement solutions for various applications using UAVs.

At Indrones, we like to consider UAV as a tool that can be used, by our soldiers to gather real-time situational awareness, by a surveyor to get better data, by a farmer to assess the crop health, by film-makers to bring in shots that were never possible before. While being a revolutionary tool, UAVs also need to be easy to use, affordable and most importantly, reliable and safe. The data gathered by them is what matters to the end user. With this idea in the mind, Indrones is striving to make UAVs – A Data gathering tool for the future.

Although UAVs have vast list of usage in the services sector, our Primary expertise is in GIS Mapping, Survey, Inspections and Precision Agriculture. We provide end to end Drone Data Services for these sectors to enable our customers make informed decisions quickly, efficiently and accurately. Our services can quickly capture and survey a large area with best in class accuracy and give our clients possibilities which were never before possible. We have the most experienced UAV Experts, a fleet of indigenously developed UAVs and seamless backend integration for data processing, delivery and end use.
Products & Services
Indrones is a Company based out Mumbai working in the UAV Services using indigenously developed UAVs. It expertise is in leveraging RPAS/UAV Technology into new application development and focuses largely on the Commercial Applications in the field of GIS, Mapping, Precision Agriculture, Surveys, Corridor Mapping, Infrastructure Inspection, 3D Restructuring, etc..
Company Specialities
  • GIS & Mapping, Industrial Surveys and Inspection and Precision Agriculture
Customer Details
JSW, Iffco Tokyo, Fortum Pty, Finland, RSI Softech India Pvt. Ltd., Sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Product Value Proposition
One of the most experienced team doing end to end Drone Data Services in India with experience of over 1900 sq. km. in India.
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Team Members

1) Pravin Prajapati (Founder & CEO)
2) Ravi Singh (CTO)
3) Harshad Bhanushali (System Engineer)

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