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Founded In : 2007
Company Type : Privately Held
Company Size : 26 to 100
Primary Location : New Delhi
Company Website : Netree E-Services Pvt. Ltd.
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Company Details

Company Description
Netree E-Services Pvt. Ltd. (Netree) builds a retailers-oriented networking technology that makes the retail industry stake holders like principals, manufacturers, brands and distributors to connect with the retailers, including small and medium retailers, in real-time thus helping everyone to exchange information relevant to each other, leading to better engagement and productivity.
Products & Services
Today in India the retail supply chain, especially manufacturers, lack critical insight regarding their end-customers, inventory, consumption trends and top sellers at the retail points. Digital technology gives us the magic wand for knowing such details in near real-time, which could be a powerful tool in planning and strategizing, and not just effectively conducting operations along the value chain.
Netree creates the world’s first eco-system where all handlers of the retail industry right from manufacturers to the last mile retailers are connected together, engaging directly with an extremely simplified, yet intuitive experience.
With 14 million registered retailers and 20 million unregistered retailers, 93% of India’s 950 billion USD retail market is controlled by small & medium retailers. Getting to know the inventory, consumption patterns and customers behaviour from these retail points brings an enormous amount of power to the stake holders of the retail industry. This insight would greatly help the industry to innovate continuously, deliver intuitive retailing experiences, improved value to the buyer, enable stronger businesses and optimal margins.
To achieve this, Netree has developed a cloud based mobile Retailers Engagement & Productivity solution (m’REAP) app, along with an all-in-one Android based plug & play PoS. This cloud integrated appliance greatly helps retailers to on-board into the ecosystem faster, error-free and effectively.
It is also important that we don’t make first time retailers go around looking for various components like computers, operating systems, software, power backup, printer etc.; simpler the solution, better the adoption. Keeping this in mind, Netree developed an all in one Point of Sales Device that has all required functionalities for a store in one piece.

Our mission is to develop Internet technologies that would improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business transactions in the retail industry, by connecting all stake holders in one eco-system..
Company Specialities
  • Netree always kept in focus the potential issues of adoption of technology by Indian retailers. Both m’REAP and d’LITE were conceptualized, designed and developed right from the drawing board, in India, by keeping the resistive nature of retailer
Customer Details
We have connected more than 1500 retailers and this has led to increased revenue streams for these small and medium retailers. At the same time they all are able to control their cost through better inventory management and controlled transactions. Small and medium retailers do not have access to large IT technology and infrastructure. They continue to manage their business with some small billing software or through conventional methods. By providing a common platform the cost per retailer is brought down dramatically that it becomes cheaper and affordable.
Few real user experiences:
A food product multi-store chain shares the following benefits that they have seen:
- Visibility of each store’s business (sales, inventory, purchase) on his mobile phone in real-time.
- Get an SMS for each transaction – thus limiting pilferage and theft.
- Able to plan his purchases before stock-out and sales loss.

Another customer in the grocery / FMCG business comments:
- Ability to provide loyalty programs to customers increases repeat purchase and total purchase value.
- Marketing campaigns to customers creates a pull and increases walk-in customers.

One of the Dairy Product businesses that has multiple outlets indicates the following benefits:
- Real-time inventory status with expiry information before the product becomes end-of-line. This has enabled better production planning and inventory management.
- Losses due to expired products has reduced.
A customer in the Restaurant Business comments:
- Earlier I would have to shout to the kitchen on a customer order. Now with the KOT (Kitchen Order Copy) the back-end has streamlined considerably.
- The customer experience has also improved.
Principal Partners currently had visibility of their primary sale only. Through deploying Netree’s solution to their retail partners, they created visibility of their secondary and tertiary sales. In addition, they had intelligence of their product movement per SKU basis. This information is being used for developing their business strategy, and in some cases allowing market specific strategies.

Some customer references who can be made available for comment are:
1) Shikha Pahwa of Qahwa Dinercafe
2) Abdullah of Madan Store
Product Value Proposition
Netree has built a unique model of technology to empower small and medium retailers of India and other developing countries.
Multi-counter, Inter Counter Communications
At stores where there are more than one counter deployed for parallel billing, it is not possible to have a setup without a server-client model where a server is required to maintain the database. But this creates a single point failure as well as increased dependency. To avoid this, Netree has designed a unique technology where there is no need of any server and just counters are required. Data is synchronized between counters even when the Internet connection to the cloud is not functioning.
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
When there is more than one supplier available for providing the same items to a retailer, it is impossible for the retailer to know the prices of these suppliers at the time of placing an order. Technology helps in resolving this gap tremendously. Netree has designed a unique algorithm for its clients to let the technology take over the decision of choosing a supplier when an order needs to be placed.
d’LITE Design
The all in PoS is unique in design and there are no similar products available.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Team Members

1) Desi Valli (Founder and CEO)
2) Subbu Subramonian (VP - Technology)

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