Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana wears many hats: author, angel investor, mentor, TEDx speaker, and former CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator, among others. Before all this, he himself was entrepreneurial twice in the field of education and web publishing. As a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, he taught ecommerce back in 1993, when the term 'ecommerce' had not yet been coined. An undergrad in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai, and an MBA from the University of Texas, Ajeet is presently one of the most active names in the startup ecosystem. Some of the companies where he is an investor / mentor are: Avaz, Carve Niche, GodCast, Holamed Healthcare, Koonk, Leaf Innovation, Maximojo, Omnikart, PickMe eServices, PlanMyTour, RainCan, Rolocule Games, Shephertz, SnackExperts, and StitchWood, among others.