Apul Nahata

Apul Nahata has over 20 years of experience spanning consumer internet, mobile & telephony in the US & India, with 6 years as an Entrepreneur in the Voice cloud computing space. Having worked with both Fortune 500 companies and startups, Apul has been exposed to the whole spectrum of large budget driven technology R&D and product roll outs on one hand, to delivering disruptive and innovative solutions to bootstrapped companies on the other. One of his core competencies is not only to harmonize streams of technology, but also to find the right product fitment for the overall delivery of value.

He has managed large technical projects and led teams which have built products & services used by millions of users around the world. As the BREW SDK lead at Qualcomm, Apul was a part of the core team which pioneered the ecosystem for downloadable mobile applications as early as 2003. As the Co-Founder at TringMe, Apul led the company from conceptualization, product design & development to build a highly scalable unified voice communications platform with built-in geographical redundancy optimized for minimum latency. TringMe was covered by media worldwide & was awarded the most innovative startup of India by NASSCOM in 2010.

He is currently the CTO-in-residence of GenNext Innovation Hub at Reliance Industries (RIL) which has invested in some cutting-edge innovative startups and set up a state-of-the-art Accelerator program with Microsoft Ventures. He holds a M.S. degree in computer science from USC & has a few patents in wireless communication & computing areas.