Poyni Bhatt

Chief Operating Officer

Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship-SINE, IIT Bombay

Professionally a Fellow Company Secretary, turned to incubation by chance, helping entrepreneurs for over a decade.

Founding team member of SINE, the technology business incubator at IIT Bombay, and managing it since 2004. Involved in 80+ start ups incubated at SINE. Several of them have reached great heights, some have failed, and most are active and running their businesses very well.

Prior to SINE, I had corporate experience of over a decade in manufacturing and finance sectors, where I headed secretarial, legal and compliance departments. I have handled IPOs, rights issues, private placements, structured corporate deals, and also dealt with various Indian regulators.

Currently, I am a member of several government committees on innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation. I also mentor several start-ups outside SINE, and take guest lectures on entrepreneurship. I am a member of Future Trend Forum, a think tank associated with a leading private bank in Spain.