BSE, the oldest Exchange in Asia and fastest in the world with nationwide presence introduces a new segment - BSE Hi-Tech.

BSE Hi-Tech is a platform that offers capital raising opportunities for innovative, new agecompanies that require funds to fuel growth. In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth and has come into its own driven by factors such as massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and a burgeoning domestic market. BSE Hi-Tech recognizes that these young companies are unique in terms of their business models, which tend to be revenue focused rather than profit focused, and hence do not fit the traditional valuation models.

On the other hand, there is a large untapped pool of investors looking for new asset classes. A platform for startups will channelize funds towards the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and offer a new investment avenue for investors seeking to widen their portfolios classes, including global investors as FPIs. If startups are encouraged to list locally, the listed universe can expand at the same time given Indian investors, with the appetite for such risks, an opportunity to participate in the growth story. Sophisticated investors will also find a new exit route and be able to churn their portfolios better.

BSE Hi-Tech offers a unique facility of listing with or without an IPO. Listing on BSE Hi-Tech shall bring an increased visibility to the company, ensure robust corporate governance and internal controls and system which shall in turn increase the credibility of the company amongst all stakeholders. ESOPs will become more meaningful with a liquidity option available on the platform. Mergers and acquisitions will also become smoother. BSE Hi-Tech is India's NASDAQ for fast growing new age businesses!

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